How is Contract Warehousing Different From 3PL Warehousing?

Why is it important to have inventory control in the warehouse management system

Retailers consider different warehousing options when deciding the best route for their business needs. Three common options retailers choose are private warehousing, public warehousing and contract warehousing.  Third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing is an increasingly common choice for e-commerce retailers. 3PL warehousing is a term that is commonly used interchangeably with contract warehousing but they’re not […]

Third-Party Warehousing And Distribution: What Is It?


Warehousing is an important component for any retail business to store products until they are ready to be shipped to customers. Managing warehouses well is a core responsibility for businesses to fulfill orders efficiently and add value to their company.  Companies can possibly operate private warehouses that they own and are operated by their employees. […]

Effective Warehousing And Inventory Management: Process and Tips

Why is it important to have inventory control in the warehouse management system

Running a successful business requires effectively managing multiple operations simultaneously. Warehousing and inventory management needs to be carefully done as it’s the first step when preparing products for sale.  Let’s look at some best practices to help your company quickly and accurately ship products and gain customer satisfaction.  Why is it important to have inventory […]

Integrated Warehousing Solutions: 10 Reasons Why It Works

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As an eCommerce business, you need sufficient warehouse space that runs efficiently. You also need excellent distribution services to handle order fulfillment effectively.  There are stand-alone companies you could work with or you could consider a company that has an integrated warehouse solution.  What is an integrated warehouse solution? Integrated warehouse solutions combine warehousing and […]

10 Essentials You Need To Check When Outsourcing Warehouse Services In The US

10 Essentials you need to check when outsourcing warehouse services in the US e1625799384283

The global pandemic has seen the rise of eCommerce businesses looking to profit from the increase in online spending. It has become essential for companies to incorporate international warehouses into their supply chain. Having international warehouses allows eCommerce sellers to reduce shipping time and costs, giving customers an incentive to purchase their products amongst the […]

What Is Warehouse Management? : All You Need To Know

Warehouse management guide

A warehouse stores all your finished and unfinished goods until it is ready to be delivered. Some businesses choose to invest in in-house warehouses, while others hire distribution centers or fulfillment services.  Each step of the order fulfillment process should be efficient and this starts with excellent warehouse management.  What is the process of warehousing? […]

Fulfillment Centres vs Warehouses: The Key Differences

Difference between fulfillment center warehouse

While warehouses and fulfillment centres share some similarities and are sometimes referred to interchangeably, the differences can often be important for industries that rely heavily on efficient logistics. The ecommerce industry is growing and key attributes like fast delivery and inventory management help businesses stay ahead of the competition.  At its core, both are operated […]