We Connect Manufacturers and Brands With the Biggest Online Retailers

Our full-service connections result in high margins for retailers, incredible scale at low risk for manufacturers, and millions of happy customers.

Our Retail Partners

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Start or scale your B2B eCommerce plans in the U.S. market.

Are you having a difficult time establishing your business in the United States? We’re here to help you.
We can help your business access and succeed in the U.S. market by connecting you with
leading online retailers.

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Exclusive Sales Channels

The number of big box retailers and boutique shops grows by the day, but these remain largely inaccessible to new brands. MultiB2B has cultivated a network of over 100 retailers, and we’re ready to help you create a strategy to expand your sales channels.
Through our partner in the US, we also offer services on product and market analysis.

Our Sales Process

We will work collaboratively with you to strategize and execute marketing plans and promotional offers across multiple sales channels.

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Step 1 - Evaluation

Complete feasibility study of the manufacturer’s products. We will evaluate your goods in terms of requirement within the US market, competitors, volumes to be shipped, pricing, product vs market analysis, etc.

– Competitive Analysis
– Pricing Forecast
– Terms & Conditions

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Step 2 - Strategy

Selection of appropriate retailer/retailers, creating optimised content on product descriptions, planning shipment and logistic arrangements.

– Retailer & Selling Strategy
– Product Description
– Product Development

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Step 3 - Integration

Integration with selected online retailers, listing the product on their websites, marketing, promotion and branding.

– Retailer Integration
– Product Uploading
– Product Marketing

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Step 4 - Maintenance

End to end brand promotion, return management, inspection of items, disposals, and customer support.

– Customer Service
– Retainer Promotions
– Brand Marketing

Warehouse and Fulfilment

New brands almost always struggle to navigate warehousing and fulfilment challenges. By offering cost-friendly warehouse and fulfilment services, MultiB2B sets its clients up for success when they’re ready to take their first step selling products.
We provide requisite services like supply chain management, transportation management, inventory and storage in the US.


Reports and Insights

While reviewing data can give you valuable insight into your business success and logistics, it can be difficult to manage and make sense of all the data points. Our services help clients simplify the process, helping meaningful, actionable insights jump off the screen and into your business strategy.

Reduced Costs and Risks

We will help reduce your overhead with our fulfilment services and access to our sales channels. You don’t have to commit to a long-term warehouse lease or hire sales people. We keep it simple so you can focus on what’s most important for you.

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Our Commitment and Customized Service

MultiB2B provides clients with dedicated experts to help you at every step of the sales process. Our customer service team is committed to helping you answer product questions from different sales channels, forecast sales, build effective pricing strategies, process returns, and recommend product development strategies.

We provide turnkey solutions that help to reduce the entry barrier of B2B manufacturers who want to venture into the US market.