Warehousing / Integrated Fulfilment

Integrates seamlessly with all industry platforms, simplifying online orders fulfilment and drop-shipping solutions for your business while connecting with unlimited sales channels in the U.S.

Complete Full-Scale Fulfilment Solution in USA

Why should you use MultiB2B Fulfilment Services?

Reduce Overhead Costs

Eliminate the need for long term warehousing lease

Manage Seasonal Sales Cycles

Using Sales Analytics to forecast peak & low seasons and run various types of promotions to maximise profits

Lower Shipping Costs

Make use of our tie-ups with a network of trusted shipping carriers

Sales Insights and Analysis

Through our customized inventory management and sales forecasting system

Connect with the best online retailers in the US

Reliable communication channels and customer service

Attractive pricing

How does our Fulfilment Services Work?

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Step 1 - Contact Us
Send details of your products, volume, estimated sales goal, etc. Once received, we will do a complete feasibility study for your products vs the US online retail market.
Matching online retailers will be selected and products will be uploaded onto their sites. Manufacturers can then ship their products to our warehouses in USA and get started with order fulfilment.

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Step 2 - Automated Order Processing
When an order arrives, a pick-list is automatically generated, and your product is pulled from the inventory. The order is professionally packaged to specifications and shipped.

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Step 3 - Tracking Information
As soon as an order is shipped, the information is immediately sent back to the sales channel and your customers are updated on the status of their shipment.
Includes tracking return information, disposals, losses and complaints.

Our Warehousing & Fulfilment Services

The benefits of working with us are clear: expert support with product development, fulfilment, branding, marketing, and of course, the opportunity to connect with an engaged audience of US retailers.