Pricing Guide

Competitive pricing through our network of carrier and shipping services. Budget friendly deals on container unloading, storage, ground handling and returns. Hassle-free low cost fulfilment solution!

Container Unloading Service/Receiving

  • Unloading a 20ft Container $250.00
  • Unloading a 40ft Container $500.00
  • Unloading Container with Pallets $7/Pallet
  • Receiving Fee $1 Per Box

Individual Pick/Pack Fulfilment Services

  • Bubble Mailers Pick/Pack $1.50
  • Box Pick/Pack $2.50
  • Box Level 1 Up to 20x20x20 $2.50
  • Box Level 2 21x21x21 to 30x30x30 $4.00
  • Box Level 3 31x31x31 to 47x47x47 $5.50
  • Box Level 4 Above 48x48x48 $7.00
  • Promotional Inserts $0.10
  • Shipping Fees/Costs Customer will pay shipping charge

Fulfilment Service, Include Shipping Cost For US Domestic Ground Shipments

  • Includes: $5 for first 8 ozs or 225 grams

    Shipping Material
    Promotional Inserts
    Receiving Fees
    Shipping Fees

  • Additional 8 ounces or 225 grams $2.00
  • International Shipping from the US Dependent on Country
  • Expedited Services Dependent on Product

Additional Notes:

  • Each Country has different shipping charges
  • Product Weight and Dimensions will decide the price


  • Bin Space (16'x14'x18') $3/month
  • Pallet Space (40'x48x72') $30/month

Packaging/Material Costs

  • Pallet Purchase 40x48x72 $7 /Pallet
  • Bubble Mailers Cost $0.50
  • Boxes Depending on Sizes $1-2


  • Generation of Return Label $0.50
  • Shipping of Return back to Warehouse Dependent on Shipping Costs
  • Storage of Return $1 item/month
  • Field Destroy of Return $1 per item
  • Pick/Pack of Return to send back $1 per item
  • Shipping of Return to Owner Dependent on Shipping Costs
  • Inspection of Product $0.25/minute
  • Photo of Return $0.25/photo

We provide turnkey solutions that help to reduce the entry barrier of B2B manufacturers who want to venture into the US market.